Na xie nian, wo men yi qi zhui de nv hai♥

*updates again. Went to watch movie last thursday :) NA XIE NIAN, WO MEN YI QI ZHUI DE NV HAI. omfg so nice that movie T__T I dunno why some people say its boring. Erm , the story line is okok la. But very meaningful lo. SO GAM DONG leh this movie T_T The part when ke jing teng kisses the *groom imagining he's his bride. So sad weih. i don't like the ending...!!! T_T both of them should be togetherrrr!!! SAD weih. 
WEELLL, so 11 of us went to watch da movie! ( me, my sis, jean, yeley, mei qi, xiao xuan, weimint, weimint's sis, yu qing, zhi qing, yu heng)

both of them so leng zai and leng lui leh T__T

when I'm watching this movie, I think back of something :/

snow flakes :D

lol, me with the smooth skin effect!

movie gang. haha
*@ midvalley

oh yea, forget to say rite. Midvalley cinema so strict lo! PG18 means PG18. Wanna check our IC this and that. You know la, this movie, only 18 and above can see lo. They go and check us!-_- don't let us watch ! so yong sui lo. Make us so bik cik. My sister who is 14 have to act like 18.-.- she fails to act like 18.
Cuz she have no front and back.
so when we kena check, I ask my sis curi curi go toilet, and go in to the cinema hall. HAHA.
In the end, Yeay success. She gets to curi curi go in.

And then the guy who check us rite, keep on force us to go out, dun let us watch la this la that la. FAN DOU SEI. I remember is look. Indian guy. Damn yong sui. We keep persuade him. ZAT him oso.
Then finally, he also beh tahan us. LET US GO IN. YEAY. Maybe because we people too many. Dun wan so potong steam lo :P

Christmas tree :DDDDDD
YEAY christmas is coming! Gonna celebrate with chin woo friends if theres no changes :D

aiyers we look so pretty xD

OKAY. Can you spot a gila person -___-?

See my pretty shoes :D

This picha kinda funny xD
Jean EMO with the ghost effect behind. And Zhi qing so retarded showing out her toungue xD

@The Gardens. With smooth skin effect.
Wah, so christmas feel leh!

Normal effect :D

HAHHA. Let us keep this post short! I wanna update posts about chin woo carnival in PENANG! xD I have soooooo many things to write!!!! :DDD

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