Taman Pertanian Bukit Cahaya

Hey guys, today Imma blog about this place, Taman Pertanian Bukit Cahaya :D I've seen a lot of bloggers blog about this place. There are so many version in the Internet. So if you've accidentally clicked in my blog. So well, I will just give you more informations and hope it helps! :D My friends and I went to this place, just wanna have some fun cycling! And also close to nature. We went there by car, you can try out taking KTM to Shah Alam station, then taking taxi to reach there. We freaking don't have a GPS. But luckily, I brought my IPAD. lol. Luckily I have you babe. Thanks to IPAD and some random peoples' info, we finally get to reach there.

Later Imma tell you guys how to reach there. Cause before going this place, we've search about this place, copy the address, even google map it. But yet, fail. Nothing much was found. And this is a really bad thing. So little info in the Internet. How could people go there in future?

It took us about an hour to reach there. Cause we couldn't find the way. Suck sign boards. I mean no sign boards. Malaysia's sign board sucks. I wonder why they don't even wanna improve it-.- darn.
But we still simply happy cause we finally reach this place, and it's in a good weather.
( meiqi, thien, yeley, sister, mum and I) went there. Before that Jean promised us to go, but then she ditched us. I know right. FFK queen :/

I like my cap, haha. From taiwan!
Outside view to the counter!

This is the map, it is provided there in flyers. You can just grab it.

We reached there about 11. Many bikes were rent out. Cause its kinda late. You have to queue up and book, to rent the bike. So you have to go early. Especially when you are going there with a gang of friend. When we reach there to book, we are like the no.75 person to get the bike-.- sigh. So many more peoples to go! We waited for an hour, then my mum saw 6 random bikes with *basket, and like no one wanna use it (that kind), so she asked the supervisor whether we can rent those bikes or not. Thank goodness, he says yes. haha. So we get to rent the bikes! (Although the bikes are a bit old) but still can cycle la.

These are the new and powerful bikes!

Check out ours-.- so random haha. Got basket some more. LOL. It's better to have basket cause we can put the foods and drinks that we brought!

Pretty nice environment there. There are plenty of trees. So it won't be too hot in a sunny day. The road was fine too! But then is a bit tiring, when come across going up the hill. Cause you see. We people don't exercise. Lol. I mean my mum and friends. ( I got learn wushu leh, got more stamina then them la xD)
Mum was so freaking exhausted.
Everyone sweat like shit. haha

This was one of the activity in Taman Pertanian, kinda lame. haha. So short distance from the ground. It's specially provided for kids la. If you wan more adventural type, check out the below one.

This is much more scary weih. Don't cry when you get up there! Don't pee either! haha. We didn't get up there la, not much time for us to do so. Plus it charges.

Yea, we did pass by Cactus valley, lol. The TAMAN KAKTUS.
See yeley the one in the middle, cover up her face cause she's too yong sui. hahahaha.

so this is cactus farm, we look like we're in the desert eh?

There's a cactus statue for us to take photo! hahaha.

After cycling for two hours! We were like so damn tired. We bought 100 plus from a random shop. Then, we feel like going the four season home. We were like soooooo lazy to walk or cycle either. So we decided to sit their mini bus. We queue up for a long time weih. The day we went there was Sunday. Weekend is like this. Darn a lot people!
*p/s: The mini bus trip is free.
It will stop in every station. Quite convenient. 

We cycled from *Anda Di Sini to the top top end there leh. I suddenly so admire myself. Didn't know I can cycle for such long distance. Don't know how many km la. 

And then we reached Four Season House.

The entrance fee is RM3 per adult (12 years and above) and RM1 per child (4 to 11 years old).
Please bear in mind that the house maybe close during seasoning change or maintenance.
According to the source, spring season garden is exhibited from (March to May), summer season garden ( June to August), autumn season garden (September to November), winter season (December to February)

Its winter season! YEAY(Y) OMG the degree was -2 to -7. Holly cold. Awesome!!! Snow!!! :DD

take a photo :D

Winter season view. Those are really snow! Seriously no joke!

Fake penguins! Those are dolls-.- lol

Inside there were like damn cold! We stand inside there for few minutes, yet cold until shivering! LOL man. Of course we shiver! It's minus seven degree and we were like just wearing normal T-shirts and shorts!

Sister holding the ICE! or SNOW? lol. My bad sister throw ice into my clothes! Even putting it on my hair!
-_- darn you little sister......! See she smile so wickedly!

It look really like its winter! :D

After visiting the four season house, we went swimming. We didn't go the observation tower, fish feeding at dam or the mini zoo. Cause it looks like not really special to us. So we decided to swim. Swim is much more fun! hahaha. At least we get to play!
So if you come to Taman Pertanian you can bring your swim suit along to swim!
By the way, you don't have to wear swim suit actually. T-shirts and pants are allowed. :)
See how happy were we! :D We were like the most noisy gang in the pool. hahaha. Damn high. Maybe because we were from kuen cheng. We are different from people. We can play damn high! One freaking Malay uncle keep *guat us. I think he beh song us cause we accidentally splash water onto him. LOL. Who cares. He don't even know who are we. haha.

Damn HIGH! See people behind swam so quietly!

Victory (Y) !!! See Yeley, she's like almost die because I'm too heavy, and I non-stop wanna sit on top of her shoulders. hahahahaha. KESIAN you :P blek!

As I mention above, info's to reach Taman Pertanian is so suck in the Internet. Not much infos can be found. Google map don't even help!
So if you wanna go Taman Pertanian Bukit Cahaya, Shah Alam by car please check out here:

from Tesco Shah Alam go straight to round about, 12 o'clock then pass by Concorde Hotel, after 3 traffic lights, turn right, to Jalan Liku 8/1, and you'll reach Taman Pertanian Bukit Cahaya, Shah Alam.

*special thanks to my mum

If you are interested in this place, go along and have a visit! It's fun! Bring your family or friends along! Cycle as much as you can. :) Hope the info's I mention could help you guys!

From 0830am to 1630pm
Tuesday to Sunday + Public Holiday and except Monday
(if Public Holiday fall on Monday, the park will be open)

Malaysia Agriculture Park
Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam,
40000 Shah Alam,
Selangor, Malaysia.
Administration/Office Tel. No.:             +603 5510 6922      
Booking Unit Tel. No.:             +603 5510 7048      
Fax: +603 5510 0922

The entrance fees to the park are:
RM3.00 for adult 12 years and above
RM1.00 for children 4 to 11 years old

Other charges are:
RM10.00 license for 1 unit of video
RM5.00 for 1st hour of adult bicycle rental and RM1.00 subsequent hour
RM3.00 for 1st hour of children bicycle rental and RM1.00 subsequent hour

Mini Zoo, Fish Feeding at Dam, Observation Tower, Cultural Village, Four season house

Kayaking, Fishing, Skytrex Adventure Park, Flyingfox, Swimming, Jungle Trekking and Camping.

*p/s : mostly info's from here


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